Special Purpose Vechicles

Support in Developing More Comfortable Living Spaces

KYB special purpose vehicles offer support for more comfortable living spaces, KYB concrete mixer trucks hold the highest market share in Japan.

The KYB mixer truck series features trucks from large and small. Boasting top mixing and emissions performances, they hold an 85% share of the domestic Japanese market.

concrete mixer

Electronically controlled Mixer Truck: e Mixer

An environmentally friendly concrete mixer using electronic controls to limit noise, emissions and energy consumption.

Granule Carriers

Widely used for transport of cement and other granular material. KYB pneumatic conveying technology is utilized in serval places, such as discharging granular material using compressed air.

Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer Truck

These mixers can mix or agitate various liquids and materials in large quantities, including fertilizers, soft materials, grains and granular material.