Construction Machinery

The Brand To Trust For Production Site Support

KYB components see use in construction machinery even under harsh site conditions.

We provide hydraulic equipment components meeting the refining, computerizing and systemizing trends for pumps, valves, cylinders, motors and other hydraulic technology.

  • Piston Pump

    Our piston pumps see active use in construction machinery and other sectors where high pressure is required for heavy loads

  • Travel Motor

    Widely used as driving motors for construction machinery and various other vehicles.

  • Swing Motor

    Widely used as swing motors for construction machinery and various other vehicles.

  • Fan Motor

    These small, lightweight fan motors have seen much use in construction and agricultural machinery applications.

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

    Our hydraulic cylinders are the culmination of sealing, plating and strength assurance technologies.

  • Hose rupture valves

    A safety valve mounted to hydraulic cylinders. Prevents suspended loads from suddenly falling if a hydraulic hose ruptures.

  • Control valve

    Control valves for shovels to control various actuators. Combines hydraulic technology and electronic controls for high-level control.