Our line of KYB industrial machinery components help to speed up productions, from elevators to factory equipment.

MMP (Mini-Motion Package)

The MMP is a hydraulic linear actuator which integrates an electric motor, hydraulic pump, valve and cylinder. It sees use for saving power and automation in serval fields, as well as for improving office and residential environments.

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Mini Axial Piston Pumps

One of the world’s smallest high pressure axial piston pumps, these pumps can be mounted in tight spaces. They can cut energy consumption in new markets, such as industrial and manufacturing machinery.

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Reduces impact to stop a moving object and prevents damage to the equipment and reduce noise. Used in a variety of fields.

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Gas Springs

Compact and has a nearly constant spring force provided by gas. These springs have characteristics that make them suitable for opening / closing doors.

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Buffers of Various Types

Stops moving objects smoothly such as overhead cranes, elevators or transportation facilities by absorbing impact. Provides safety in machinery and equipment.

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