Marine Products

Making The Sea Safer And More Comfortable With Technology

KYB hydraulic and tension control technology makes transport, support, rescue and other work at sea more comfortable for submarine exploring vessels and mother ships.

Large Stern Crane

This equipment is actively used in mineral resources exploration for lifting and recovering the latest in large undersea drilling rigs.

  • Cable Handling Systems

    Controls shocks and shakes by sophisticated tension control of the cable connecting the remotely operated vehicle and the mother ship in ditching and moving under water.

  • Hejacules (Self Propelled Hydraulic Jack)

    Can easily adjust the position of the block of the ship, which weighs as much as 600 tons, in the shipbuilding process. Provides substantial savings of time.

  • Hydraulic Block Lifters

    Using constant speed multistage cylinders, the block lifter is capable of lifting a heavy load up a height of 1-2.1m.